PS4 Pro Vs PS4 Slim: What’s The Difference?

Play station world has been flourishing since games came up and crept in our daily life. Also, the gaming world related to plat station is not ending up anytime soon owing to the advanced consoles that the brand comes up with. PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim have taken over the gaming industry is an astonishing way. This article compares the two PS4s in an in-depth and logical comparison.

Major Differences, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

With the dispatch of an all the more intense, flexible, praiseworthy and solid resource of Sony, the prior rendition endured a lot of concealment. The two latest PS4s have the recent dispatches that were introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainments. The Slimmer form of PS4 is simply a more slender part of the first resource, with highlights and specs like the first form.

DESIGN & Appeal of the two

Design features are not much different as far as the two PS4 gaming consoles are concerned i.e. PS4 Slim and Pro. The two PS4 consoles are rendered with some gentle complete and adjusted edges while the first one was substantially keener. This component has been imparted to give the gamers a feeling of delight and to maintain a strategic distance from any physical mischief by the sharp edges. Gentler edges likewise encourage the gaming sessions and permit a much adaptable play. The present design outline has an ordinary one tone with a complete matte appearance to the console.

Hardware & technical specifications

The PS4 Pro uses a Radeon-based 4.20-TFLOPS graphical processor, is much more advanced than the 1.84-TFLOP CPU used by in the original PS4 and PS4 Slim. Not just this, even the storage has experienced quite an elevation of about 1TB. However, the rumors state that even the PS4 will have a 1TB Version available in the market pretty soon. However, the RAM is exactly the same like before in PS4 Pro 8GB of GDDR5 RAM as the original PS4 and PS4 Slim.

Graphics, 4K Features and HDR

Illustrations angle has seen the real changes and progressions with the dispatch of another gaming console. Sony has been prevailing with regards to giving the PS4 Pro 4K HDR Streaming and other progressed graphical highlights. The new HDR highlight that is currently present in the greater part of the Play station gaming supports is extreme and shocking in its own specific manner. High Dynamic Range permits a shockingly better show and experience while playing amusements and henceforth turns out to be profoundly engaging the eyes of gamers like you.

Games You Can Play

With 100% compatibility features provided to these consoles by the Sony brand, play station earned a new name. Gaming session in the PS4 pro is much better than the other two owing to the advanced features and storage. Some of the games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, For Honor, and Horizon: Zero Dawn can be experienced at a better resolution and commendable display features.

Virtual Reality

The latest PSVR is supposed to have a capacity with which one that played in the majority of the three propelled reassures and not only the PS4 Pro. PSVR ensures that would be rendered with the Virtual Reality framework. This will give the clients a practical gaming knowledge as well as show which is past entrancing.

PS4 Controllers, Smooth and Reliable Gaming

Controllers of the most recent consoles are marginally not the same as the first ones. For a superior vision, dinky, dim room are the perfect places. In such places, the PS4 is highly prodigious. A major part of the touchpad on the front of the controller will render you with the capacity to see the shading you’re shaking without playing in an obscured room or flip the controller over to check. This element was inaccessible in the past unique PS4. The latest version has a full matte finish now.

Display features

The play station consoles look astonishingly beautiful with the matte black finish and appeal which is both commendable as well as visually attractive. Also, the controllers are almost the same, with the features similar to the last two consoles. PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro controllers and pads are entirely the same and you must not buy the latest version if you’re looking for a better console.

Astounding Resolution

The developments in the GPU and equipment encourage this new component in PS4 Pro and in this manner empower you to see in a determination that is never experienced by others. Additionally, for HDR and 4K determination, you require a genuinely propelled TV with a higher determination and more noteworthy unique range. In the event that you don’t have a TV which bolsters 4K and HDR determination, you won’t make much out of the PS4 Pro’s 4K highlight by any means.

Realistic Gaming and Dimensions

When we talk about the size and dimensions, the PS5 slim was named so because of the thin attire and extremely light weighted nature. The latest launch amongst the PS4 consoles is the heaviest and has the largest dimensions yet. If we compare the two, the previous, commendable and light weighted gaming beast has volume lowered by 30%, weight by 16%, and power consumption decreased by 28%. Also, the PS4 pro is instilled with an extra USB port in the additional layer that is present above the original layer. It also has an additional optical and audio drivers for better gameplay.

Whole Rewriting

Pricing has seen a major difference in the two latest consoles. The earlier version which was both slimmer, as well as light weighted, was quite an economical buy. Due to the advancements in the new version i.e. PS4 Pro, it is much more expensive it is worth every penny due to astonishing specifications. The PS4 Slim compared to the Pro is lesser by $100. The price of PS4 Slim is $299 while that of Pro is $399. The only major difference in the Ps4 Slim is its light weighted attire and extremely thin finish.


Our in-depth analysis comes out with the conclusion that PS4 Pro is the best amongst every PS4 Console launched till now.  Installed with ameliorated storage capacity, graphics, GPU features and upgraded display, PS4 Pro is the best gaming beast any gamer can own.

PS4 Pro vs PS4: Which is the best buy?

If you’re looking for the comparison between the specs and features of the old PS4 and the latest PS4 Pro, then you’re at the right place. Dilemma regarding such issues is pertaining in the mind of every gaming freak recently. We have come to your rescue with the correct details and differences between the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Major Differences, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

Play station is something adored by every gaming freak in today’s generation. Each gaming monstrosity wants to claim a play station in any event once in their lifetime. At whatever point PS4 versus PS4 Pro related questions are concerned, we discuss few of the highlights controlled by the two.

PS4 Pro is the incomparable support made by the regularly captivating brand Sony. Be that as it may, you should not mistake it for PS5. The real distinction between the two lies in the determination at which they enable spilling to the clients. While the PS4 Pro is focused on 4K HDR Streaming, PS4 Original points of confinement in this field with just 1080p determination advertised.

Pricing and Related Differences

If you look out for a product whose price is less, you will miss out on the quality of it. You must not compromise the ideal specs and features for just a matter of few dollars. Quality should never be compromised.

As far as the price is concerned, the Ps4 is more economical and costs around $399-$299. Again, the original PS4 which costs less than the new PS4 Pro has some features which aren’t as evolved as the one in the new Ps4. The new Ps4 Pro is worth every penny spent on it with the features lie 4K HDR gaming and features that are nowhere to be found in PS4 Original or even other gaming consoles. You can get the latest PS4 Pro in possession at just $399.

Attractive Exteriors

At whatever point appearance is the worry, each PS4 is one of its sorts with astounding completing and outlines that will blow your mind. The significant distinction that lies between the Ps4 and PS4 Pro is the expansion of an additional layer in the last for a famous look. The first PS4 had two layers alongside a hole which contained circle drives and two progressed USB ports. The most recent dispatch, Pro is rendered with an extra layer which is used to introduce another USB port.


Independent of the way that an extra layer has been included, the measurements have not varied much than the first one. The first PS4 estimated 275.1 x 305.1 x 53.1mm, while the Pro measures 295 x 327 x 55mm.

Connections, Differences in the Two

If you’re thinking about the connections aspect, not many differences lie in the two gaming consoles. There are some technical features that render the PS4 Pro with the top-notch rank and specifications.

In the latest PS4 Pro, an additional layer has been added which contains the much needed additional USB 3.0 port. PS4 Original has two USB Ports while the Pro one has 3 such ports. This extra USB Port turns out to be exceptionally helpful rendered with various employments. PS4 Pro additionally incorporates an optical sound yield on its back like the first dispatch PS4. Henceforth a portion of the highlights of this new dispatch is especially like the old one. With such similitude, Sony hasn’t neglected to captivate PS4 Pro with new, progressed, famous and adaptable highlights for utilization of gamers like you.

Latest Drives and Optical Specifications

The optical drives are yet to be evolved and are still the old, traditional ones in all the consoles launched yet. Sony needs to update the optical drives to a much-advanced one as soon as possible to avoid the technical lags.  This is one of the reasons why the play station still lags behind the other gaming assets in the market.

PS4 Original and in addition PS4 Pro both can play Full HD 1080p Blu-beam circles since the circumstances play stations came up in the mechanical world. No development in the optical drive related field is seen yet in the play station and this is the most anticipated headway.

Frame Rates Comparisons

At whatever point 1080p determination gushing is concerned, none of the two play station comforts linger behind. Each play station support is good in its own specific manner for 1080p determination spilling that is done at an engaging level. Additionally, PS4 is good with 4K Televisions all the more, however despite everything it offers a show that is past entrancing even in 1080p determination. PS4 Pro comfort additionally renders your screen with a graphical boost in case you’re playing it on the 1080p determination. Likewise, a portion of the diversions when played on PS4 Pro give higher edge rates regardless of the 1080p determination that is utilized to stream the amusement.


Performance, 4K Features, and Differences

The 4K TV Performance feature is the latest advancement that Sony has instilled in its newer console. The only reason why you should consider buying the new PS4 Pro is the 4K gaming feature it offers to the gamers. Along with evolution in the console, new features are being added by the eminent Sony Interactive Entertainment.  With the 4K gaming, you can experience some high-tech realistic gaming experiences in absolutely no time!

Internal Features and Specs

Internals features of both the consoles also differ greatly. PS4 Pro is the latest one as far as the internal features are concerned with the astonishing display and graphics that will take over on your mind. You will also find some features to be exactly similar as well. The CPU is not evolved and the same AMD Jaguar x86-64 8-core CPU is instilled in both the consoles. A 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz advancement in the clock speed has been done by the Sony in the latest PS4 Pro console.

Better Performance With Boost Mode

Boost mode is another component that is responsible for extreme gaming knowledge and a reasonable belief system of the amusements played. This mode renders the clients with an extreme Pro level gaming and highlights that are like it. For clients who can’t bear the cost of the new PS4 Pro, this component has been acquainted with the support of the lucidity and additionally gaming knowledge of the clients. Notwithstanding, every one of the highlights of this mode is yet to be found, the ones that have been found merit acknowledging inside and out.

Virtual Reality, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim

Virtual reality feature in the new PS4 Pro is the best one until now and desired by almost every gamer. The dream of every gamer nowadays is to get a VR instilled gaming beast in possession. Along with improvising the clarity of the display, virtual reality plays a vital role in ameliorating the overall gaming experience of the gaming freaks. PS4 Pro has the latest VR ready features which speak for its astonishing display qualities and realistic gaming experiences.

Whole Rewriting

A few errors do exist even in the PS4 Pro VR include and have been accounted for by a few clients. It is accepted by an investigation that in a few diversions the contrast amongst PS4 and the PS4 Pro can be a battle to discover relating the VR field and highlight. In any case, different recreations are seen to be more honed on the Pro as a result of the way that the makers ingrained the super testing and related highlights, effectively influencing the amusements to keep running at higher resolutions with the negligible aphorism to upgrade the subtle elements of the show. In view of the VR Performance, it’s extremely overwhelming to suggest which one you ought to go for.


Our analysis results in PS4 Pro being the ultimate gaming beast, with the 4K Gaming feature and the VR ready specs of the console. This is one feature of the latest console that can appeal to you in the most efficient ways. Although the 4K gaming feature is not instilled in the most appropriate manner, still it offers really good gaming session to the gamers.

Overall, external differences between both the consoles are the addition of an extra layer in the latest console. CPU is exactly the same while the GPU has been evolved greatly in the newer version. Also, the PS4 Pro has the latest VR Ready and 4K gaming feature.